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Product Description:
Magnetic Liquid Traps, also named as Magnetic Liquid Filters, are designed for removing Ferrum contamination form liquid or semi-liquid materials with different viscosity, to keep materials purity and protect the equipment. E Style: The Maximum magnetic strength: 8000GS(0.8T)
1. We designed different styles for the use of different materials.
2. The maximum magnetic strength can reach 13000GS for normal (N Style) and 8000GS for easy cleaning (E Style).
3. Standard working temperature≤80℃, and maximum working temperature can reach 350℃ as required.
4. Easy installation, separation and cleaning through ferrule, bolt plate, flange or uneven head etc.
5. 304 or 316L stainless steel are available for pipeline material.
6. Ideal designed magnetic configuration ensures maximum magnetic effect without liquid flow impediment.
7. As required, specification of customer on pressure or other details is also available.
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